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Why Brides Wish They Had Hired a Wedding Videographer

When it comes to wedding planning, there are many decisions to be made about what vendors to hire and what services to invest in. One decision that many brides regret not making is hiring a professional wedding videographer. Here are a few reasons why brides wish they had hired a wedding videographer to capture their special day.

  1. To relive the memories: A wedding day goes by in a blink of an eye, and while photographs are a great way to remember the day, they only capture a single moment. A wedding videographer can capture the entire day, including all the little details and candid moments that photographs might miss. This allows couples to relive their wedding day over and over again, and even see things they might have missed on the day.

  2. To capture the emotions: A wedding is an emotional day, filled with love, joy, and laughter. A wedding videographer can capture the raw emotions of the day, including the happy tears, the laughter, and the speeches. These emotions are difficult to capture in photographs, but a wedding videographer can preserve them for a lifetime.

  3. To have a unique perspective: A wedding videographer can capture the day from a unique perspective, using different angles and shots that photographs can't. This can include aerial shots, close-ups, and other creative angles that give a new perspective on the day.

  4. To share with loved ones: A wedding videographer can create a beautiful film that can be shared with family and friends who couldn't attend the wedding. This is a great way for loved ones to feel like they were there on the day, and it's a special way to keep the memory alive for those who couldn't be there in person.

  5. To have a keepsake that lasts a lifetime: A wedding video is a keepsake that can be watched and enjoyed for years to come. It's a way to remember the special moments of the day, the emotions and the laughter that made the day so special.

In conclusion, hiring a professional wedding videographer is an investment that is well worth it. It allows couples to relive their special day, capture the emotions, have a unique perspective, share with loved ones and have a keepsake that lasts a lifetime. Don't let the memories of your special day slip away, hire a wedding videographer to capture them forever.

Sam and Chris's Wedding Film Teaser

Working with Sam and Chris on their wedding day was a blast. Their celebration was nearly flawless, truly embodying the essence of a perfect wedding. This teaser video encapsulates the highlights of their special day.

Venue - Olde 41 Premier Banquet Facility

Photographer - KLEM Studios

DJ - Extreme Entertainment

Florist - Nature's Best Floral and Boutique

Wedding Videography vs Wedding Photography

Wedding videographers and photographers both play an important role in capturing the memories of a couple's special day. While both types of professionals use cameras to create visual keepsakes, there are some key differences between the two.

One of the main differences between wedding videographers and photographers is the way they capture the event. Photographers primarily use still images to tell the story of the wedding, while videographers use moving images and sound to create a more complete picture of the day. This means that while photographers may capture a moment in a single image, videographers can capture the entire scene, including the emotions and reactions of the people involved.

Another difference is the way that the final product is presented. Photographers typically provide their clients with a selection of high-resolution images, which can be printed, framed, or shared online. Videographers, on the other hand, create a finished video that can be watched and re-watched to relive the memories of the day. This can include footage of the ceremony, speeches, and first dance as well as interviews with the couple and their guests.

When it comes to cost, videography is often more expensive than photography. This is because videographers typically need to invest more in equipment and editing software, and the process of creating a finished video takes more time and effort than producing a set of photographs.

While many couples choose to have both a wedding photographer and videographer, some may have to make a choice between the two. It is important to consider the style and memories you want to capture as a couple. For example, if you want to relive the day with more detail and emotion, then videography may be the better option. If you prefer a more traditional approach with beautiful photographs, then photography may be the way to go.

In conclusion, both wedding videographers and photographers play an important role in capturing the memories of a couple's special day. Each has their own unique style and approach, and each will give you a different perspective of your special day. It is important to consider the style and memories you want to capture as a couple and make an informed decision on which professional to hire for your wedding day.

Do's & Dont's When Choosing a Wedding Videographer


  1. Research and read reviews from previous clients to ensure their work meets your expectations.
  2. Ask for a portfolio of their work to see their style and quality of videography.
  3. Communicate your vision and preferences clearly with the videographer before hiring.
  4. Consider their availability on your wedding day and make sure to book them well in advance.
  5. Ask about their backup plan in case of equipment failure or other unforeseen issues.


  1. Don't choose a videographer based solely on price - quality should be a top priority.
  2. Don't neglect to read the fine print in the contract, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.
  3. Don't forget to check if the videographer will be able to shoot in the style you want.
  4. Don't skimp on the budget for videography, as the video will be a lasting memory of your special day.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask questions, a good videographer will be happy to answer them.

When Budgeting for Your Wedding, Make Sure to Include the Cost of Hiring a Videographer to Capture the Memories of Your Special Day on Video

Budgeting for a wedding can be a complex and challenging task, especially if you're planning to include a videographer. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure you have a comprehensive budget:

  1. Determine your total wedding budget: Before you start allocating money to specific items, it's important to have an overall budget in mind. This will help you prioritize your spending and make sure you have enough money for the items that are most important to you.

  2. Research videographers: Look for videographers in your area and get a sense of the range of prices and services they offer. Get quotes from a few different videographers so you have a good idea of the average cost.

  3. Determine your priorities: Decide how important having a videographer is to you. If it's a top priority, allocate a larger portion of your budget to this item. If it's not as important, you may be able to allocate a smaller amount of money.

  4. Consider package deals: Some videographers may offer package deals that include a certain number of hours of coverage, a set number of edited videos, and other services. Compare these packages to see which one offers the best value for your budget.

  5. Factor in additional costs: In addition to the cost of the videographer's services, there may be other costs associated with having a videographer, such as travel expenses and equipment rental. Make sure to factor these costs into your budget.

  6. Be flexible: If you find that you can't afford the videographer you want within your budget, consider adjusting your budget or prioritizing other items in your wedding to make room for the videographer.

By following these steps, you should be able to budget for a videographer and have a successful wedding that includes beautiful video memories.

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